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The applications for Ai are vast, these are some of the top Ai integrations for business

Ai Trainings & Education

Ai can be a powerful tool. However it is useless and can even be dangerous if you do not know how to use it. Ai Trainings and Education get you and your organization prepared to smoothly and safely integrate Ai into your work.

  • How to make better prompts and how Ai Model programs work.
  • Ai tools and applications for productivity and information accessibility.
  • Making your own custom Ai with Knowledge, Service, and Security in mind.

Enterprise Ai Programming & Automation

With software development the big question always is, will the costs of developing the solution be more or less than the costs of the problem.

  • Ai, no-code, & low code platforms have reduced development time and costs by up to 70% making custom software solutions an economical option for business.
  • Create basic and complex programs that analyze and pull data from your files to use in completing forms and decision making.
  • SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST 800-171, HIPAA, Cloud, and Self-Hosted options.
ai applications integration plan

Custom Trained Ai Models

By pairing Natural Language Processing, Retrieval Augmented Generation, and proprietary/open source Ai models accessing business IT resources has never been faster.

  • Custom GPT's to repeatedly reference small amounts of information.
  • Trained Ai models to reference and quote source verifiable information from large databases/lakes.
  • Integration to other applications with chat command actions.
  • Enterprise level security compliance capabilities available for internal and public use cases.
ai consultant training

Ai Targeted Leads

With Ai support; research and find the common ground between your business and your customers. Create target marketing like never before.

  • Access industry leading databases of public web and social media information to generate leads like current large scale marketers.
  • Ai generate an "Ai Model Customer" by finding commonalities among your current clients and industries public information.
  • Create bespoke marketing campaigns targeted and tailored to your "Ai Model Customer" with email, social media, and direct messaging.
ai deep learning neural network

Brand and Business Essentials

One of Ai's most profound ffects is the ability it gives entrepreneurs to get a business launched and started. Getting the fundamentals of an online business together has never been easier and more affordable. Contact Genuine Ai  for help with:

  • Eye catching high-resolution logos, business cards, and social media graphics to start your brand.
  •  Easy to use self managed Ai websites for E-commerce, affiliate sales, and informational websites.
ai consultant support agents

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